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Special Statement: Herons 2 Water Damage (Flooding)

As of Wed Nov 29th 2023, no tenants are allowed to reside at Herons 2 - 1099 Sunset Drive.

We are waiting on confirmation from Strata on when you will be allowed back in and if this is not for some time, then we would look to re-house you under another (NEW) tenancy agreement. Realty One Tenants will get priorty on currently available tenancies. Please take some time to look through the availablitity so you can make an informed choice on where you may move to if not allowed back into Herons 2 for the foreseeable future.

If you have Renters Insurance, you should look into your policy and what it may help you with.

You may also wish to contact BC Emergency Services if you are homeless.

Long Term Tenancies - 12 Months (+)

Specialty Accommodations

Payments Notice

PLEASE Send Specific Payments to:

Rents and Security Deposits: 

Move-in Fees, Earlybird Booking Fees, Parking Stalls, Fines: 

Please, please, please, change your password on the INTERAC payment to: Kelowna

This is for all DKRA and  Realty-One tenants