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2023/24 winter rentals

Winter Rentals…*School Year Rentals*…Long-Term Rentals

Realty-One are now able to offer the following suites for rental between September until April 30 - which coincides with the main school year. We also have some suites available from January 1st to April 30. Realty-One can only offer this extended term rental period as DKRA transition nearly all suits into pre-booked vacation rentals for the summer period (May through August),  as they have done over the past 17 years. 

Realty-One offer high end accommodations  at affordable prices here in Kelowna with nearly all units being inclusive of all Utilities, Internet/Cable TV and Furnishings.   Most suites have SHAW unlimited Internet 300 with 137 cable channels.  Although we target our rentals for those that have requirements in line with the school year, we welcome applications from all of the general public  so long as all are willing to sign up for this strict *8 month rental period -  A Mutual End of Tenancy Form will need to be completed for all rentals to safeguard You as a tenant and The Owner of the suites and their Summer DKRA clients.

** Not just for Students **

BC – University School Year: September 1st  – April 30th

Specific questions should be addressed to:

email: LongTerm@realty-one.ca   –   Telephone:250-860-7368 / 1-877-763-9290 (Toll Free)

You can NOT book a Long-Term Rental online –  you will have to submit an application for review by Realty One Real Estate Ltd.

Choose an available time slot and let us know

(a move in time slot preference will be allocated in the order emails are received – we will notify you after acceptance)

September 2023

Winter Rentals…*School Year Rentals*…Long-Term Rentals

email: LongTerm@realty-one.ca  

phone:+1-250-860-7368 / 1-877-763-9290 (Toll Free)