PAD -Setup & Completion

Hello and thanks for taking the time  to pre-fill your monthly rental payment via PAD (Pre Authorised Debit)

Realty One will automatically  withdraw from your bank account each month your nominated rent amount. We need 10 business days to complete the setup and instruct the bank to withdraw your funds, so please get this form filled in as early as possible. We only collect using the 1stst of the month - all other commencement dates will need to paid pro rate via etransfer.  Use the upcoming month or future tenancy start date as the start date.

This pdf below is downloadable and you should take a look to make sure you have all the necessary information prior to selecting the live Doocusign link.

Please note: if the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or the 1st of the month falls on a banking/federal/provincial stat holiday, you must have funds in your account on the preceding Friday - this means you WILL need sufficient funds in your account before the 1st of the month, due to how banks collect Pre Authorised Debits.

Please familarise yourself with the PAD form to the left.

Warning: ONLY click the below link if you are ready to sign up for monthly automatic deductions from your banking institution. Please have all required details to hand prior to launching your PAD Docusign legal agreement.

                                         link to fill out your  PAD:    --- Realty One - PAD LINK--- .