Corporate Rentals

Relocation  & Secondment Accommodations

All of our listed units are available for Corporate Rentals. We have over 8 years experience dealing with inter-province and out of country housing relocator services and can deal direct for any of your accommodations needs. We bill direct so that your clients can enjoy their time here in Kelowna hassle free and get on with your work as soon as they arrive.

We act as the local representative for all 1st contact events to ease the burden on reporting and information gathering/dissemination and offer a hassle free service for the benefit of you, your customer or your company's relocation experts.

Usual contracts involve 3 months minimum, 1 months notice periods. Exceptional rates with quality inventory - fully furnished including all utilities and Cable TV/Internet.

Every client is unique and we pride ourselves on our history of helping to successfully start the relocating  process and housing staff for secondments or work placements.

Please call/email our main office for rates: +1-250-860-7638,


phone:+1-250-860-7368 / 1-877-763-9290 (Toll Free)